Bryan Watson ( USA)

Had I started taking Delay long back, my physical as well as marital issues would not have been aggravated. Premature ejaculation was the cause of frequent quarrels between my wife and me. I started taking allopathic medicines for getting rid of the same but to no avail. No doubt, the pill did prove to be little effective but I didn’t get the desired result. I was about to be separated from my wife of 2 years but I came to know about Delay at the nick of time. This magic pill has saved my life. Now, I enjoy my sex life to the maximum and my wife is also very pleased with my performance. Hail Delay!!

John Rudd (UK)

I suffered from depression for a long time due to PE.I am thankful to God for giving me such an understanding life partner. She came to know about Delay while browsing the net. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to take the pill but she convinced me and I later thought why not give a try. Thank God! I listened to my inner voice and trusted Delay. Now, I am leading a very healthy sex life.

Mike Tracey ( Aus)

Delay has saved my marital life. I was very dejected in life due to PE.A friend of mine suggested taking Delay and the rest, as they say, is history. My life has been divided into two now-before delay and after Delay

Dorothy Green (NZ)

Delay has revitalized our sex life and has reinforced the relationship I share with my husband. Before using Delay, I never believed that herbal products could do wonders.

Joe Blondie ( USA)

As it is claimed in the site, Delay’s effect can be noticed after a week of taking it. I suffered from PE for at least a year before taking Delay. I heavily relied on synthetic pills in the beginning. I will not say that these pills were not effective. If I say, then it will be a big injustice and betrayal. However, what I like about Delay is that it is not only effective but it has no side effects too. I stopped taking synthetic pills because of their side effects only. Now, I cannot stop recommending this pill to my friends and colleagues who are suffering from PE. Thanks Delay team for the wonders you guys have done to my life and that of my friends.

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Regain Control Over Your Sexual Performance With Delay Pills! The know-how technique to

  • Last longer 5-10 times longer
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Premature ejaculation can hamper your sexual performance to a greater. Have you ever thought how love making be like, if you could hold on to ejaculation a little longer?

With Premature ejaculation affecting thousands of men, nearly 30% of men are more concerned about it. But with pills such as Delay being formulated, you can easily lead a normal sexual life.

Delay is, in fact, the #1 herbal pill that will help you solve the issue of premature ejaculation and at the same time restore your sexual life. Ensure better performance with uninterrupted sex and last longer!


What are Delay Pills?

Delay pills are premature ejaculation pills that will help you gain 100% control over your sexual habits. Just one dose of delay pills can last you longer than you usually last longer. These pills have been specially formulated from herbs to initiate the slowing down of the production of hormones so as overcome the inability to lasting longer in bed.

How Does Delay Herbal Pills Work?

Delay helps in supporting the normal sexual function. It initiates and works on the brain which regulates ejaculation to normalize the natural hormone levels. This helps in gaining complete control over your sexual performance and thus regulates your ejaculation. The result of using this herb can be seen within a week’s time after starting the course. Many people who have tried using it have confirmed of experiencing heightened pleasure that when achieving orgasm.

Is it really effective?

The result of a survey that was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the pill was astounding. As per the records, 70% of people who have tried using this herbal pill have been able to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation completely. And the success rate recorded was nearly 92%. Delay herbal pills are formulated from exotic plants, which are known to have been incredible where addressing the sexual issues such as premature ejaculation is concerned.

Using this pill will be helpful in obtaining greater control on your ejaculation. You will begin noticing the changes within the first week of using this pill. And there will not be any loss of sensitivity either after using this herbal treatment. For a lasting solution, it is recommended using this pill for an extended period. It is the most reliable solution to last longer in bed.

Ingredient Used
The ingredients used for these pills are all natural. Following are some of the main herbs that are used in the pill to effectively help you overcome the problem of premature ejaculation.

• Aspargus adscendens • Crocus Sativus • Hygrophila Sopinosa • Red Suiphide of Mercury
• Comelian • Orchis Latifolia • Mucuna pruriens • Tin. Lead & zinc • Tribulus terrestris
• Myristica fragrans howt • Ancyclus pyrethrum • Asparagus racemosus • Asphaltum pure
• Dhatura metal • Withania Somnifera • Myristica fragrans mace • Syzygium aromaticum
• Aurum • Hibiscus abelmoschus • Mica purified • Strychonus nuxvomica

Delay Herbal Pills Advantages

For the treatment of premature ejaculation, there are a couple of clinical treatments available. Those using these treatments have experienced certain side effects like numbness and dull sensation not only to the penis but also to the vagina as well. Many of them even tried other methods which includes foreplay, interruption while thrusting into vagina during active intercourse.

Most of the couples who tried these methods found it to be too clinical. Men especially found the pressure exerted to be too enormous to handle and both the partners failed to achieve orgasm. As compared to these methods, delay herbal pills were found to be effective. A large number of researches have found these pills to be quite effective. Following are some of the benefits of using these pills:

  • It was found to be helpful in enhancing male sexual functions
  • More effective erections that are powerful, firm, healthy and long lasting
  • Maximum erections achieved with increased size of the penis
  • Boosts your sexual arousal and desire
  • It helps to last longer in bed during sex
  • Your sexual energy is inexplicably increased
  • Lasts longer before you ultimately ejaculate deriving the ultimate pleasure of having sex
  • Helps revitalize the hormonal systems and the male reproductive organs
  • It also helps in addressing other sexual issues which includes, impotence, lower libido
  • Helps in overcoming psychological issues like depression, anxiety and stress related to sex.

Last Longer in Bed

Rejuvenate Your Sex Life With Delay Herbal Pills

A healthy sex life is important to ensure a healthy lifestyle.Unhealthy sex life can induce certain problems that include prostatitis, sexual dysfunction and other sexual problems. There are many answers to the calling of this question but these answers have its own reverse effect. So it is best to stay tune with a healthy sexual life that ensures a healthy lifestyle and a satisfying relationship. As compared to other treatments, the use of herbs has found to be quite effective. What’s more! These herbs do induce any known side effects.

Researchers have approved the use of delay pills to enhance your sexual life because these herbs are found to target the sex organs to improve your performance. Also, it helps in deriving better orgasms and a better control over your ejaculation. In short, the use of delay herbal pills helps in improving the overall sexual health.

How to Last Longer in Bed?

Many a times, you must be having the desire to have long sexual sessions or the ‘ultimate’ sexual intercourse, which you normally see in the movies. Your dream can come into a reality if you just follow some important tips.

Lasting longer in bed is a herculean task for many men in the world. If the case is serious, you will have to rely on effective pills. However, make sure that you choose the right pill that is safe as well as effective. You can try herbal pills. Even while you are under medication or before it, you can follow the following simple techniques.

Sex is should not be only a mechanical act - If you kiss your partner and cuddle her often during sex, it will enhance the quality of your sexual session. Involve passion and emotion in sex and see the changes that you will experience.

Have you heard of squeeze technique? - If not, it is high time you knew this simple but effective method. It is a very easy and common technique that can be done by every man who does not last long in sex. When you are about to ejaculate, you just have to hold the tip of your penis tightly with your thumb and your index finger for 20-30 seconds. This technique will help you to ejaculate whenever you want. In short you can control your ejaculation.

69, missionary, woman on top …….Choose a sexual position that is comfortable not only for you but also for your partner. This will help you in having intercourse comfortably and if your comfort level with your partner is high, your sexual bliss will also be at its height.

Forget your male ego - You cannot have sex alone. It requires two human beings to have proper sexual intercourse. The more the mutual understanding between the two, the more will be the intensity and enjoyment of your sexual intercourses.Therefore, be sensitive to her feelings and ask her likes and dislikes. Discuss with her the positions that she feels comfortable and see to it that it is not only you who get the most out of the act. Never let your male chauvinism get the better of the whole act.

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